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AeroShell Aviation Engine Oil W100 PLUS can increase the performance and durability of your aircraft's engine. It precisely formulated aviation oil characterizes AeroShell's history of quality, delivering the highest level of protection and performance for the power plant in your aircraft. With AeroShell W100 PLUS oil, you can trust AeroShell's belief in excellence and ensure your engine receives the best protection and performance.

This aviation plus oil is more than simply a product. It's an initiative for the health of your aircraft's heart—the engine. Make it a regular part of your maintenance practice to see the difference in engine performance and lifetime.

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Key Features

Advanced Preparation

AeroShell W100 PLUS aviation oil is prepared using an innovative, synthetic enriched formulation engineered to fulfill the demanding necessities of current aviation engines. It provides outstanding high-temperature stability and oxidation resistance, protecting your engine from harsh conditions.

Refraining Protection

This Aeroshell oil w100 plus has outstanding anti-wear qualities, which reduce friction and wear on essential engine components, resulting in increased engine life and performance.

Cold-Start Reliability

AeroShell W100 PLUS oil is aimed to give outstanding cold-start protection, even at the most extreme temperatures, ensuring that your engine starts reliably in all situations. Aeroshell Oil Works Plus to improve engine performance and efficiency.

Weathering Preference

The unique additive mix of Aeroshell 100 plus oil provides excellent weathering protection, avoiding oxidation and corrosion in vital parts and increasing engine life 100 percent.

Reduced Oil Consumption

The unique formula of Aeroshell 100w plus aviation oil results in lower oil consumption, lower operational expenses, and less necessity for regular oil consumption. Aeroshell 100 mineral oil is a premium lubricant used in aviation to guarantee engine performance and stability.


Model: AeroShell Aviation Engine Oil W100 PLUS

Oil Weight/Viscosity: 1USQ/0.946l

Volume: Available in various sizes to suit your needs

Compatibility: Suitable for many aviation piston engines, including Lycoming, Continental, and Pratt & Whitney.

Certifications: Meets or exceeds the requirements of industry standards, including SAE J-1899, Lycoming Service Bulletin 446E, and Continental Motors Bulletin MHS-24.


In comparison of Aeroshell Plus 50 oil and Plus w 100, which one is the best?

The primary difference between Aeroshell Plus 50 oil and Plus w 100 oil is their viscosity grades. Plus 50 oils have a lower viscosity and are often suitable for a wide range of applications, whereas Plus 100 oils have a higher viscosity and are designed for certain heavy-duty and high-temperature applications.

Which thing differentiates in Aeroshell w100 vs 100?

While discussing Aeroshell w100 vs w100 plus, both are aviation oils proposed for use in aircraft engines. The "Plus" in W100 Plus means that it contains an additional anti-wear additive (AWAD) in comparison to the conventional W100 aviation oil.