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AeroShell™ Oil W100 SAE Grade 50 Ashless Dispersant Aircraft Piston Engine Oil - Quart Bottle

Aeroshell Aviation Oil W100 SAE 50 is a high quality Aircraft motor oil developed especially for Aeroplan engines. All four aircraft engine cycles work smoothly using this oil. 

We know the need for low-cost, safe, and affordable flights. You can count on our product W100 Plus Oil to protect your engine, reduce operating expenses, and enhance performance. We make our products to maximize performance, whether you fly for vacations or your job.

Experienced Oil experts create this AeroShell w100 oil to improve engine piston aircraft's performance and protection.  Because, Aircraft engine oil additives increase lubricity, reduce friction, prevent corrosion, and improve the oil's overall efficiency to keep engine health and productivity.

Ashless Dispersant

Manufacturers make these piston engine oils without adding metallic compounds such as calcium or zinc, commonly used in regular Aircraft engine oil. The absence of these metallic compounds decreases the production of ash deposits during combustion. This Ashless dispersant Aircraft oil is preferable in high-temperature environments where ash buildup could result in engine fouling.


Single-grade Aeroshell 100w aviation oil works correctly with low or high temperatures or within a particular temperature range. You can distinguish them using viscosity scores like SAE 40 or SAE 30. This score indicates their flow at a specific temperature and is best used in continuous operating conditions. 


These oils offer excellent lubrication qualities that reduce the impact of wear and friction on a moving engine. Aeroshell lubricants provide a protective coating that prevents direct metal-to-metal contact and helps increase the life of critical engine parts.

AeroShell w 100 Oils are mainly made for Aeroplane piston engines. It combine high-viscosity index SAE 50 synthetic transmission oil with non-metallic compounds for remarkable stability and high-performance lubrication.

In the past, there were different oils for different environments. We use AeroShell Oil W100 for moderate climates ranging from 15 to 30°C. For cold areas, use Oil W8 between -17 to 21°C. In the warmer temperatures, Oil W120 is above 26°C.

The Navy of the US and the UK Defence Ministry approved our oils W80, W100, and W120 by AeroShell for military use. They meet the SAE specification J-1899 of different grades.

The specification authorities have approved these shell Aircraft piston engine oil blending facilities and ensure to maintain the highest quality level.

Key Features

These Aeroshell oil 100 are designed for engines and instruments requiring high performance and protection.


This AeroShell piston engine oil W100 is suitable for many aviation engines because it is suitable with several kinds of engine oil.

Reduced Oil Consumption

Its design consumes the least oil, allowing the engine to run well with fewer SAE 50 engine oil top-ups.

High Density

It has an SAE 50 density grade and offers trustworthy defence in various operating situations. It maintains its viscosity even at high temperatures, increasing its load-carrying capacity.  When considering AeroShell 100 vs W100 oils, it's important to keep in mind that each one has different benefits for different types of aviation engines.

Thermal Strength

This w100 aviation oil is perfect for high temperatures because of its unexpected thermal strength. It does not produce dangerous deposits because it resists thermal breakdown and maintains consistent lubricant qualities.

Anti-Rusting Properties

Its advanced formula contains anti-rusting chemicals that help protect engine parts from corrosion and rust. Shell aero oil promotes the structural stability of the engines and provides reliable performance.

Oxidation Balance

Experts recognize this Aeroshell 100 oil for having excellent oxidation stability. It is significant for maintaining oil integrity and preventing the formation of hazardous acids that resist degradation when exposed to oxygen. The strength of our shell aviation oil in storage is inherent. This SAE 50 Transmission Oil can store things for a long time without affecting their performance or quality.


Oil Weight Per Quart: The weight of a quart of oil is about 2 lbs.

Brand: AeroShell™

Dimensions: 4.0 X 2.0 X 9.0  in


What does SAE mean on oil?

The SAE viscosity grade, such as SAE 50, defines the flow properties and thickness of the oil at various temperatures.

How much does a quart of oil weigh?

Weight of oil per quart of SAE 50 is around 2 lbs. And, weight of 6 qt oil jug is about 12 lbs.

Where to buy aviation oil?

If you are searching for "Aeroshell aviation oil w100 for sale near me" then buy it from aviation oil suppliers Nationalav at best selling price. SAE 50 oil uses can help you to obtain the perfect option for your aircraft.

What is SAE 50 motor oil used for?

SAE 50 oil is often used to lubricate and protect heavy-duty engines, mainly in hot situations.

What does SAE stand for in oil?

SAE is stand for the Society of Automotive Engineers, and it refers to a standard classification system for motor oils based on their viscosity characteristics.

Is SAE synthetic motor oil?

Yes, synthetic motor oils are classified by the SAE.

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