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AEROSHELL 15W-50 AVIATION OIL is a Multigrade ashless dispersant oil designed especially for aeroplane piston engines. It is a unique combination of high-quality mineral oil and synthetic hydrocarbons, often used for Multigrade purposes. Shell, an experienced global oil and gas company, manufactures 15w 50 motor oil.

The product's viscosity rating is indicated by the initials "15W-50" in the name. It has a vast operating temperature range because it is a multigrade oil. The "15W" stands for its low-temperature viscosity, which is perfect for cold starts, and the "50" for its high-temperature viscosity, which offers protection from high engine temperatures.

Aeroshell oil w 15w 50 well protects engines operating in hot temperature environments. Its cutting-edge additive package covers machines in hot climates. The ashless anti-wear additive package gives excellent wear protection for lifters and other wearing surfaces.

Aeroshell w15w50 is a reliable partner in the aviation industry, where accuracy, safety, and consistency are essential in providing successful takeoffs and safe landings. It suits various aircraft piston engines, including Continental, Lycoming, and other major brands. Aeroshell oil w 15w-50 satisfies the specifications of many engine suppliers and aircraft models.

Discovering the Multigrade Marvel

This Oil 15W-50 may seem to be just another oil bottle, yet there is much more to it than meets the eye. Shell created this specialised multigrade aviation oil to fulfil the particular requirements of aircraft piston engines.

The Viscosity Code:15W-50

The numbers and letters "15W-50" written on the label are more than just numerical codes; they offer knowledge of the 15w 50 hydraulic oil unique qualities. Viscosity is essential to an oil's performance at different temperatures.


Aeroshell 15 50 oil formulation gives aeroplane piston engines the best lubrication and protection. As well as in multiple experimental and historical aeroplane models, it is frequently used in many aeroplane types, including single-engine and twin-engine aeroplanes.


Pilots and flight mechanics choose Aeroshell 15w50 aviation oil because it works well in a wide range of temperatures and engine conditions.

  • FAA Airworthiness Directive 
  • Avco Lycoming 301F
  • Pratt & Whitney: All radial engines
  • Teledyne Continental MHS-24B

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  • It is frequently used in general aircraft planes, such as single- and twin-engine aircraft, along with some experimental and historical aircraft.
  • It improved engine performance in temperature extremes is possible by Multigrade Performance.
  • This oil has excellent Low-Temperature qualities, providing faster lubrication of engine parts and more manageable cold weather starting.
  • In certain situations, up to 50% less oil is used, and doesn't thicken at low temperatures.
  • This oil resists breakdown and keeps its protective qualities even in immense heat.
  • It prevents blockage of the oil cooler.
  • All Season oil functions because there is no need to switch from winter to summer degrees depending on the outside temperatures.
  • It Reduces fuel consumption over straight-grade engine oils by up to 5%.
  • Its cleaning qualities ensure that harmful deposits don't build up, keeping engines reliable and effective.
  • This oil acts as the guardian of the engines, which work in extreme conditions-from high altitude to hot areas because it provides corrosion properties.
  • High-speed engines can cause the oil to foam, which can reduce the oil's lubricating ability. Despite rapid engine operating, this oil effectively reduces foaming to maintain necessary lubrication.


What is 15w 50 oil used for?

15W-50 oil is a type of multi viscosity engine oil that is used in many types of vehicles, especially those with high-performance engines or in certain operating conditions.

Why should operators choose Aeroshell Oil 15W-50, a multi-grade oil, for their aeroplanes?

Aeroshell oil 15w50 is an all-season oil with improved cold weather start-up ability compared with other oils, and when warmed up, it exhibits temperatures and pressures similar to a single-grade SAE 50 oil.