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The CONCORDE RG24-16 Platinum Series Sealed Aircraft Battery is an advanced power solution developed for aviation's best performance. Concorde 24 volt Battery Corporation builds the RG24-16 Platinum Series. It's been a technology leader in battery manufacturing for almost four years to provide outstanding performance, stability, and long life for your aircraft.

Key Features

Innovative Sealed Design

The RG24-16 is manufactured with a completely sealed and leak-proof valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) design that requires no maintenance. This design does not require electrolyte maintenance and can be installed in any direction.

High-Capacity Power

This Platinum Series battery, with a powerful 24 volts and 16 ampere-hours (Ah) capacity, provides a reliable power source for a wide range of aircraft. It is designed to provide stable and dependable power and satisfy the demanding requirements of both piston and turbine-powered aircraft.

Long Life Service

The Platinum Series' classy lead-acid technology offers an extended service life by reducing the need for frequent replacements. This innovation not only lowers operational expenses but also improves overall aircraft reliability.

Excellent Cold Cranking Performance

The RG24-16 AGM Aircraft Battery is made to survive in harsh conditions and has better cold-cranking capabilities. It enables a stable start-up, even in extreme weather, by improving the safety and efficiency of your flights.

FAA and PMA Approved

Concorde RG24 16 Battery Corporation takes superiority in producing 24 volt batteries that meet or exceed the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) specifications and have Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA). The RG24-16 Platinum Series demonstrates this dedication to quality and safety.


Voltage: 24 Volts

Capacity: 16 Ampere-Hours

Chemistry: Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA)

Certification: FAA and PMA Approved


Can the RG24-16 Platinum Series be used in any direction?

Yes, because the battery is sealed and can be installed in any direction.

Which types of aircraft are suitable for this battery?

The RG24-16 Platinum Series is suitable for a variety of aircraft, including piston and turbine-powered types.

Does the battery require regular maintenance?

No, the sealed design abolishes the need for electrolyte maintenance and gives a maintenance-free experience to the aircraft owners. A 24 volt battery charger is used to recharge batteries with a 24-volt system. It is often used in automotive, aircraft, and industrial settings.