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Part: #MS28775-023
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The MS28775-023 O-RING is a reliable sealing solution designed to meet the strict conditions of Military Standard (MS). This O-ring provides dependable performance in important sealing applications across a wide range of areas, offering a secure and enduring seal to protect the sensitive components and classifications.

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Key Features

Military Standard (MS)

The MS28775-023 O-ring is manufactured according to high military requirements, guaranteeing exceptional quality and performance.

Adaptable Sealing

This MS28775 O-ring, designed for creating secure seals, effectively prevents leaks, protecting important machinery and systems.

Size Compatibility

The precise dimensions of the MS28775-023 O-ring ensure compatibility with a wide range of gears and structures.

High-Quality Material

MS28775 O-ring cross reference 023 is made of strong and resistant materials and can bear harsh weather conditions while absorbing its integrity.

Multipurpose Application

The Aviation O-ring part number cross reference 023 is ideal for use in flight, automotive, industrial, and other manufacturing where reliable sealing is essential.


Military Standard: MS28775-023

Width: 1/16


Applications: Suitable for a variety of industries, including aviation, automotive, and industrial.

Choose the MS28775 O RING Military Standard for your significant sealing requirements and benefit from its quality, durability, and consistent performance across a wide range of applications.

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