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TEMPEST® AA48109 Airplane Oil Filters

The AA48109 Tempest Spin EZ Oil Filter from Tempest is designed to remove quickly. Heat, time, and pressure can release liquid lubricants between a filter's rubber seal and the filter mount pad, making its removal nearly hard. 

The Tempest AA48109 spin-ez oil filter is an important part of keeping the engine fit and running well. It makes sure that the oil flows smoothly and cleanly.

These liquid lubricants may include oil, grease, DC4 compound, or similar ones. It is an adhesive solid seal lubricant that remains between the seal and the mount pad's surface. The solid oil won't spray or discharge from under the seal. It stops the bond-forming situations that cause older filters to stick together.

These tempest AA48109 filters are manufactured in a cutting-edge facility that produces aircraft oil filters. The highest possible standard of quality is guaranteed mostly through complete process control. Tempest 48109-2 oil filter is available in the regular case of twelve and the famous "Six-Packs." Six-packs are affordable, efficient, and accessible.

Avoid unfiltered oil flowing. Spend less time and money. 

The DC-4 compound is no longer dirty. No more drilled cans. Upgrade to cutting-edge Tempest SPIN EZ tempest AA48109 oil filters that come off quickly.


As the oil in your engine maintains it clean over time, the oil filter helps remove impurities that may build up. AA48109 is important for the safety and performance of an aircraft engine.

The Tempest oil filter AA48109 is a popular choice among flight fans because of how well it filters oil. With the Tempest AA48109 cross reference, you can find the right match for your engine.

The need for clean motor oil comes from the possibility that the oil would get filled with small, hard particles that could wear down engine surfaces if left unfiltered for a while. This dirty oil can wear down the machined parts of the oil pump and harm the engine's bearing surfaces.


  • The can will deform without the welds breaking because the nut welds are so powerful! During production testing, nuts are ripped from the cans to ensure the base metal breaks and the welds do not. Using Tempest 48109 EZE Oil filter prevents frustration with installation nuts and improves nut welds.
  • Meets the 12-14 psi TCM by-pass specification, minimizing the chance of an early bypass that could lead to unfiltered oil into your engine.
  • 48 109 oil filter unique solid lubricant makes filter removal easy. Our Spin EZ solid lubricant won't extrude or spray out from behind the seal, making removal more accessible than with oil, grease, or DC4 compound, leaving the filter "bonded" to the engine mount pad.
  • The only filter that includes a housing for the by-pass valve prevents the oil outlet from being restricted in case of a by-pass valve failure.
  • Its oil filter's design burst strength improved significantly thanks to changes made to the roll seam technique used on the bottom of the can, which led to a design burst strength leaving the are 1400 standards by 50 percent. Tempest oil filter AA48109 are designed to resist the harshest operating conditions because of additional reliability.
  • The cellulose, resin-impregnated, complete pleat medium is made for consistent flow and resistance to collapse. In aircraft oil filters, 312 square inches is the maximum size.



A clean oil filter helps improve overall engine performance, including better handling, smoother acceleration, and higher fuel efficiency. It removes pollutants from the oil that could cause wear and friction and helps maintain proper engine lubrication. With the AA48109 oil filter, you can make sure your engine runs well and lasts a long time.


 Your engine needs a considerable volume of clean oil to operate correctly. The amount of oil that may travel through the oil filter and into your engine might be significantly decreased if the oil filter is not replaced regularly. Your engine could suffer significant harm if you don't use this oil.