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The Concorde RG-35A Lead Acid Sealed Aircraft Battery represents the power source and reliability for aviation followers and professionals. This battery is proficiently manufactured to set a new standard for the best performance in the sky.

Key Features

Advanced Sealed Design

The RG-35A battery has an advanced sealed structure that ensures a maintenance-free journey for pilots. Say goodbye to daily base electrolyte checks and top-offs because this RG 35A battery is permanently sealed.

Best Output Capacity

The Concorde RG35A delivers a reliable and ongoing power source with a capacity of 35 ampere-hours (Ah). It's made to fulfill the requirements of modern aircraft systems to provide the confidence to take the skies.

Recombinant Gas Technology

The combination of recombinant gas technology diminishes water loss, extending battery life and reducing the regularity of replacements. It not only saves time and effort but also improves the overall activities of your aviation cost-effectively.

Resistant to Vibration

This Concorde RG 35A battery is designed to resist the strictness of flight, ensuring stability and reliability even in stormy conditions. It's a reliable companion for both smooth traveling and Military drills.

Extensive Temperature Range

The RG-35A battery flies smoothly across a wide temperature range, from cold altitudes to furious skies. Its exceptional weather resistance makes it an excellent choice for various flying situations.


Voltage: 12 volts

Capacity: 35 ampere-hours (Ah)

Weight: Approximately 28.5 pounds

Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.0 X 7.0 X 10.0  in

Terminal Type: Threaded insert terminal


battery drawing


Does Concorde offer warranty for batteries?

Concorde batteries are usually gone together with a guarantee to ensure the product's quality and performance. It is recommended to read the specific terms and conditions of Concorde battery warranty to understand the treatment and duration.

Is the Concorde RG-35A suitable for all types of aircraft?

Yes, the RG-35A is designed to power a wide range of aircraft, from small screw planes to bigger turbine-powered types.

Whenever does the battery need maintenance?

The Concorde RG 35A is a sealed aircraft battery and does not require routine maintenance. It is intended to be maintenance-free for the period of its life.

Can I install the battery myself?

Although the installation is simple, we recommend that a trained aviation technician accomplish it to ensure a suitable connection with your aircraft's systems.