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Borescope is Your Pilot's X-Ray Vision

Part: #Borescope is Your Pilot's X-Ray Vision
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This 8.5MM Articulating Borescope features a 5-inch IPS display and 180-degree steering capability for precise inspection of aircraft components. It delivers clear, high-density images to help aircraft mechanics locate and identify hard-to-reach defects. Ideal for a variety of inspection applications.



This articulating borescope is engineered with a small, adjustable probe tip to enable examination of hard-to-reach engine components without disassembly. The 5ft semi-rigid gooseneck cable provides greater maneuverability when directing the probe. The handheld monitor features a 5" IPS LCD display, 3000mAh rechargeable battery, and a built-in wireless adapter for sharing images with colleagues. Additionally, the device stores JPGs, AVI video, audio, and more on the included 32GB microSD card. The TD500 articulating borescope kit also includes a carrying case and user manual, plus comes with a 12-month warranty and customer service.



  • Camera Probe: 2.0 megapixel Probe
  • Probe Rotating Angle: 180°
  • Probe Depth of Field (DOF): 45-70mm
  • Probe Diameter: 8.5mm
  • Length of Snake Tube:1.5m
  • Video Resolution: MP4(1920*1080)
  • Image Resolution: JPG(1920*1080)
  • Working Temperature: -10~50 ℃ (below 90℃ )