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Phillips 66® X/C® 20W-50 Ashless Dispersant Multi-Grade Piston Engine Aircraft Oil - Quart Bottle

Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil 20W50 is a high-performance ashless dispersant oil designed for aeroplane engines. It provides the best engine performance and reliability during each flight.

Compared to single-grade engine oils, Phillips 20w50 xc aviation oil offers specific performance benefits such as shorter warm-up time and less oil used in engines. It maintains its film strength under heavy loads and high temperatures to avoid engine damage. The oil multigrade formula of ashless dispersant helps reduce the formation of engine waste and the deposits in the combustion chamber, which results in less polluting engines.

X/C Piston Aviation Oil is the first approved mineral aeroplane engine x oil. It has more than 30 years of great verification in aircraft use such as school flights, shipping and charter airlines, and partially any other plane oil application. Phillips c xc 66 oil is available everywhere in the United States and shipped to other countries worldwide. It reduces friction, which results in increasing the engine life.

Knowledge about Airplane Oil

It's essential to understand the critical role of aeroplane oil before getting into the specifics of the Phillips 66 X/C Aviation Oil 20W50. Aero oil keeps the engine parts moving in proper working order and at an appropriate temperature for operating by serving as both an oil and cooling fluid.

A Name of Trust Phillips 66

It has been a name of trust in aviation for centuries because this American company has a long history. This aero oil company has supplied excellent aviation products. The quality of the oil you choose can have a big effect on how well your engine piston work and how long they last. Phillips 66 has a variety of excellent aircraft oil that keep aviation engines running smoothly and keep them safe.


Phillips xc 20w50 aviation oil reduces carbon deposits, which keeps your engine's internal parts clean and free from toxic impurities. A clean engine helps in increasing the battery performance.

  • Phillips 20 50 xc protects the engine parts from rusting, which is essential for aeroplanes flying over rainy or beach areas.
  • It is suitable for many aeroplane engines because it can be used with various airline engines.
  • It helps in easier starting and faster oil circulation at low temperatures.
  • It protects high film strength from piston damage, even in high-load situations such as takeoff.
  • It reduces the use of oil in most aeroplane engines.
  • It is an excellent choice to keep your engine running smoothly.
  • It provides a cleaner and faster break-in.
  • These aviation oils are suitable for all seasons.
  • Phillips 66 has a long history of success in producing high-quality aircraft oil products.

Performance Standards

Fulfils or exceeds the following requirements:

2. Federal Aviation Administration


1. Avco Lycoming Specification 301G.
2. U.S. Military Specification MIL-L-22851D.
3. Teledyne Continental Material Specification MHS-24B.


Flight training schools and academies use 66 c aviation oil in their aero plane training. These aero planes need to have reliable engines because student pilots use them regularly.

Private pilots and owners of small piston aeroplanes use this oil while flying for pleasure. During these flights, it offers vital engine protection and performance.

Aircraft maintenance facilities often use this oil to replace or do routine engine maintenance. Engines are more protected during break-in periods.

Major engine companies like Lycoming and Continental have thoroughly examined and approved this phillips 66 x c aviation oil 20w50. It satisfies the highest industry standards and gives pilots confidence to use an accurate product.


What makes X/C Aviation Oil 20W50 a good choice?

It has better engine performance in all weather conditions than any single-grade oil. The ashless dispersant package used in the formulation of XC 20W-50 provides cleaner engine operation.

What is the aviation oil weight and how does it impact the performance and maintenance of aircraft engines?

The philips 20w50 aviation oil weight for 1 quarter is round about 946ml. The weight of aviation oil phillips 20w50 xc has a great effect on how well airplane engines work and how well they are taken care of. The right oil weight makes sure that engine parts are well lubricated and safe.

From Where to Buy?

You can enjoy all the benefits of Phillips 66 XC Aviation Oil 20W50 plus free shipping, which is a great way to protect your plane's engine. Let's order it from Nationalav in whole USA.

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