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Part: #G-243
by Gill
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The Gill G-243 Aircraft Battery without Acid is an innovative power solution. It is designed to raise the standard of aircraft batteries. This groundbreaking FAA-243 solution is designed for reliability, longevity, and ease, ensuring your aircraft is powered well without acid.

From Where to Buy

Get premium quality Gill G 243 battery from National Aviation at competitive price in the USA.

Key Features

Maintenance-Free Design

The Gill G-243 battery eliminates the trouble of acid maintenance by providing a maintenance-free design that allows you to concentrate on flying rather than checking or refilling acid levels.

Advanced Technology

This Gill G243 battery delivers extraordinary performance because of its cutting-edge VRLA technology. It offers a reliable and stable power supply to fulfill the needs of modern aviation equipment.

High Energy Density

The Gill G 243 aircraft battery has a high energy density, making it a small, lightweight alternative that does not lose power. Get benefit from higher efficiency and lightweight of G24 3 to improve aircraft performance.

Long Life Service

The Gill G 243 battery is designed for durability and has a long life service, making it a cost-effective asset for aircraft owners. Take Advantage of fewer replacements and more time in the air.

High-pitched Structure

The robust structure of the Gill G-243 aircraft battery, designed to sustain the severities of aviation situations, increases its durability and ensures reliable performance in various conditions.


Type: Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA)

Nominal Voltage: 24 volts

Capacity: 13 Ah

Weight: 20.5 lbs.

Dimensions: 10.0 X 9.0 X 10.0 In

Terminal Type: Threaded Insert Terminal (TIT)

Certifications: FAA TSO-C173, RTCA DO-293


Is the Gill G-243 compatible with my aircraft?

The Gill G-243 aircraft battery is manufactured for use in various general aviation applications. However, for compatibility, it is recommended that you check your aircraft's specs and tell it to your aircraft manufacturer or a trained aviation mechanic.

Is the Gill G-243 FAA-approved?

The Gill G-243 aircraft battery satisfies FAA TSO-C173 and RTCA DO-293 standards, ensuring it meets aviation authorities' strict safety and performance requirements.

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