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CamGuard Advanced Aviation Engine Oil Additive will improve your aircraft engine's durability, performance, and reliability. It's an additive and your engine's protector, thoroughly designed to protect crucial components and maximize your flying experience.

Improve the Engine Performance

CamGuard Systems Inc. is a renowned company that specializes in classy aviation engine treatment solutions. Cam Guard Advanced Aviation Engine Oil Additive is the key to protecting your aircraft's heart - the engine. It's an active solution for pilots seeking maximum engine performance and extraordinary protection.

Trust CamGuard's belief in expertise and innovation to ensure your aircraft's engine acquires the care and attention it deserves. Boost your flying experience with Cam Guard aviation oil and enjoy the benefits of an engine that constantly operates at its peak.

Let’s Order

It is important to choose the best aviation oil for your aircraft to ensure optimum engine performance, longevity, and safety. Get premium quality CamGuard aviation motor oil from National Aviation in the Whole USA.

Key Features

Extraordinary Protection

CamGuard airplane engine oil is produced to protect your engine from the harsh effects of today's ethanol-rich fuels. It produces a solid protective layer on engine parts, stopping corrosion and rust in aviation.

Reduced depreciation

CamGuard's exclusive composition lowers friction and wear on crucial components such as camshafts, lifters, and pistons, extending the life of your engine. Camshaft in aviation engines play an important role to regulate the valve timing and engine performance.

Carbon Deposit Control

Keep control of the carbon deposition. CamGuard's anti-scuffing ingredients keep mud, lacquer, and carbon accumulation at the cover, keeping your engine clean and efficient.

Stable Oil Viscosity

Engine oils have a partiality to thin out over time. CamGuard maintains oil viscosity in the optimal range even under high-temperature, high-load conditions.

Improved Engine Efficiency

CamGuard aircraft engine oil bottle compliments a more efficient engine by reducing friction, eliminating deposits, and protecting against corrosion, leading to higher horsepower and fuel efficiency.


Brand: CamGuard

Type: Aviation Engine Oil Additive

Volume: This aviation oil weight is 16 fl Oz Bottle (Available in various sizes to suit your requirements)

Compatibility: Suitable for use with a wide range of aviation engine oils and fuels.

Certifications: Fulfills with industry standards and is trusted by aviation professionals worldwide.


How much does aviation oil weigh?

This best aviation oil weight is 16 Fl Oz Bottle. It is also available in numerous sizes to fulfill your requirements.