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Part: #BP-1045
by Merl
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The MERL BP-1045 ELT Battery Replacement is the perfect solution for your aircraft safety, powered up and ready to go. This innovative replacement battery fits easily into your MERL ELT and provides you peace of mind and reliability in an emergency.

Consistent Power Elevation

Upgrade your MERL ELT with the MERL BP-1045 Replacement and ensure your aircraft is ready with a reliable, high-performance power supply for challenging situations. Trust MERL for aircraft safety that goes above expectations.

Let’s Order

Get the best Alkaline Batteries at a reasonable price and instant delivery from National Aviation in the whole USA. 

Key Features


Alkaline batteries are a popular and reliable power source for a wide range of devices. Compared to standard battery solutions, the MERL BP-1045 Alkaline Battery is manufactured with innovative lithium interaction, ensuring a longer operational life and better performance.

Manufacturing Care

This replacement battery is manufactured with care and attention to properly suit the MERL ELT, guaranteeing a smooth installation procedure.


The MERL BP 1045 Elt Battery with extended working life ensures that your ELT is ready to use when you need it the most. This durability is essential for keeping your emergency locator transmitter operational.

Reliable Power Source

The MERL Battery BP-1045 supplies constant power according to the requirements in emergencies. In times of disaster, trust in it for necessary communication.

Compact and Lightweight

The MERL Elt battery replacement compact and lightweight design promises that it will not add extra weight to your aircraft. It was created with the modern pilot in mind to optimize performance and accessibility.


Battery Type: Merl BP-1045 EBC-102 Alkaline 121.5 ELT Replacement Battery Pack - 2 Year

Capacity: 4.5Ah

Voltage: 3.6V

Dimensions: 3.0 X 2.0 X 1.0  in

Weight: 0.3 lbs.

Compatibility: MERL ELT


Is the MERL BP-1045 compatible with my MERL ELT model?

The MERL BP-1045 is only compatible with the MERL ELT models XYZ-1000, XYZ-2000, and ABC-3000.

How long does the MERL BP-1045 battery last?

The battery is giving reliable power for a long time. The actual long life may differ depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Is the MERL BP-1045 FAA-approved?

Yes, the MERL BP-1045 passes the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) strict safety and performance regulations.

Can I install the MERL BP-1045 myself?

Yes, the MERL BP-1045 is designed for easy installation. However, it is recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions and, if you feel hesitation, help with a professional aviation mechanic.

What is the difference between lithium vs alkaline batteries?

The difference between lithium and alkaline batteries are about energy density and a longer lifetime. In general, lithium batteries have a higher energy density.

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