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Part: #BP-1015
by Merl
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The MERL BP-1015 ELT Replacement Battery Pack is manufactured specifically for the SHARC 7 Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT). This high-performance battery pack keeps your SHARC 7 powered up and ready to send reliable emergency signals. The MERL BP-1015 is the best solution for maintaining the safety and operation of your SHARC 7 ELT because these are designed with care for durability.

Get Merl BP 1015 SHARC 7 Alkaline 121.5 ELT Replacement Battery Pack - 2 Year from National Aviation at best selling price in the whole US.

Key Features

Reliable Power Source

The MERL BP-1015 is a stable and reliable power source providing peak performance to your SHARC 7 ELT battery.

Lifelong Resilience

This high-capacity Lithium-Manganese Dioxide 1015 battery ST provides a long working life. It provides you with confidence in the durability of your backup equipment.

Manufacturing Accuracy

The MERL BP 1015 is sensibly manufactured with care to participate smoothly with the SHARC 7 and keep the innovative quality and performance requirements.

Temperature Strength

This MERL 1015 battery pack for SHARC 7 is designed to survive in harsh temperatures and to perform in a wide range of climatic conditions for a variety of flying conditions.

Quality Standards

The MERL BP-1015 is proficient to international aviation standards, assuring that your SHARC 7 ELT batteries remain in regulatory compliance.


Compatibility: Designed entirely for the SHARC 7 Emergency Locator Transmitter

Battery Type: High-capacity Lithium-Manganese Dioxide (Li-MnO2)

Voltage: 3.6 volts

Dimensions: 5.0 X 3.0 X 3.0  in

Capacity: 16 Ah

Temperature Range: -20°C to +55°C (-4°F to +131°F)

Certifications: Compliant with international aviation standards


Is the MERL BP-1015 compatible with other ELT models?

No, the MERL BP 1015 is only compatible with the SHARC 7 ELT battery. It should not be used with other ELT models.

How Can I install the MERL BP-1015 in my SHARC 7 ELT?

Installation is simple and completed by following the instructions in the user manual for your SHARC 7 ELT. We recommend talking with a licensed aircraft technician if you have any concerns.

What is the lifecycle of the MERL BP-1015?

The MERL BP-1015 is manufactured to deliver a longer life service. However, the actual permanency may differ depending on usage and environmental conditions.

Does the MERL BP-1015 follow aviation safety standards?

Yes, the MERL BP-1015 is officially approved to satisfy international aviation standards, assuring compliance with ELT safety rules.