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The Phillips 66 XC Aviation Hydraulic Fluid Mil spec 5606 is your reliable partner.  It is essential to use the correct hydraulic fluid in a transmission to ensure smooth and efficient functioning. This premium Hyd fluid is mineral oil based not only a simple maintenance item but also an essential component of your aircraft's hydraulic system, assuring safety, reliability, and best performance.

All-In-One Solution

You can trust the quality and performance of Phillps 66 fluid, whether you're a professional aviator or an aircraft supporter. Make the XC Aviation Hydraulic and Transmission Fluid 5606A a regular part of your aircraft maintenance routine, and you will notice a difference in hydraulic system performance and relaxation. Because, this Type A hydraulic oil is all purpose hydraulic fluid that meets certain industry standards.

Where can I buy hydraulic fluid or oil?

National Aviation is the cheapest place to buy premium hydraulic fluid as per your specific needs. For competitive prices and promotions on hydraulic fluids, check with us at our online Aviation supply store.

Key Features

Great Lubrication

The Phillips 66 XC Aviation Hydraulic Fluid Mil-H-5606 is intended to provide superior lubrication and protection for important aviation hydraulic components. It reduces friction and thus repairs crucial elements.

Viscosity Remains constant

Maintaining the proper viscosity of the hydraulic oil system is significant. These hydraulic fluids are mineral oils based and have good trim stability and temperature tolerance; thus, it performs constantly, even in harsh situations.

Corrosion Fight

Protect the hydraulic system of your aircraft from corrosion and oxidation. This synthetic and environmentally friendly hydraulic fluid Mil spec 5606 is mineral oil based containing anti-corrosion chemicals to protect the system's reliability.

Compatibility of Seals

Phillips 66 XC Aviation Mil H 5606 Hydraulic Fluid is compatible with a variety of hydraulic system seals, ensuring compatibility and performance across a wide range of aircraft types. This Eco friendly 5606 hydraulic oil is made from naturally helpful chemicals.

Quality Assurance

It is important to select the premium hydraulic oil for your aircraft and tractor to ensure highest performance. This transmission Mil H 5606A hydraulic fluid is made by Phillips 66 to meet or exceed industry requirements, guaranteeing its dependability and safety.


Brand: Phillips 66

Product Name: Phillips 66® X/C® Aviation Hydraulic Fluid Mil-H-5606A

Volume: Available in various bottle sizes

Compatibility: Suitable for use in most aviation hydraulic systems requiring MIL-H 5606 hydraulic fluid.


What does hydraulic fluid do?

Hydraulic fluid is important for hydraulic systems because it transmits power, lubricates components, and helps in the smooth running of machinery.

How much is hydraulic fluid?

Is all hydraulic fluid the same?

No, not all hydraulic fluids are formed equally. Hydraulic fluids are available in a variety of formulas and kinds, each personalized to specific purposes and situations. Fluids with certain qualities, such as viscosity, temperature stability, and anti-wear additives, may be required by different hydraulic systems. 

What is the viscosity of hydraulic fluid?

Hydraulic fluid viscosity is often indicated by grade, such as ISO VG (Viscosity Grade), which specifies its flow properties at different temperatures.

What is the difference between hydraulic fluid vs hydraulic oil?

The terms hydraulic fluid and hydraulic transmission oil are often used commonly, they might refer to the same material. The term "hydraulic fluid" is typically used in the setting of hydraulic systems. Both serve the same function.

Can I use hydraulic fluid as a substitute?

The varieties of substitute or replacement for hydraulic fluid 5606 is dependent on the unique hydraulic system requirements. It is important to consult the manufacturer's recommendations and specifications to ensure compatibility and optimal performance.

Where to buy hydraulic fluid?

Buy Mil-H-5606 hydraulic fluid according to your requirements at competitive prices and promotions from our online Aviation supply store National Aviation.

What is meant by UTF hydraulic fluid?

UTF hydraulic fluid, also known as Universal Tractor Oil, is an adaptable and high-performance lubricant used in agricultural and industrial hydraulic systems. This Synthetic tractor hydraulic fluid is a high-performance lubricant developed for use in hydraulic systems.

Is hydraulic fluid the same as hydraulic oil?

Yes, the terms "hydraulic fluid" and "hydraulic oil" are commonly used interchangeably. Hydraulic fluid, sometimes known as full synthetic Mil-H-5606 hydraulic oil, is a medium that transmits power in hydraulic systems.