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The ASA Rotating Aviation Plotter is your best companion for detailed and efficient flight planning. This multipurpose tool is designed according to pilots' requirements, which is helpful for aviators of all levels. This aviation plotter will take your flight planning to new heights, whether you're an experienced or a learner pilot.

Dependable Flight Planning

The ASA Nav Log is a reliable field partner. It simplifies navigation, improving flight planning accuracy and guaranteeing that every flight is a success. Whether planning an outdoor trip or perfecting your flight training sessions, this aviation plotter is helpful.

Improve Your Flight Experience

Experience the ASA Rotating flight Plotter comfort, accuracy, and durability today and upgrade your flight trips. Trust in ASA's commitment to quality and modernism to deliver the most significant tools for safe and satisfying flights.

From where to Buy?

If you are searching for “aircraft plotter near me”, check with online aviation supply stores like National Aviation to ensure that you have the essential tools for your flight planning.

Key Features

Rotating Intention

With exceptional rotating design, the ASA Aviation Plotter allows you to measure distances and draw sequences accurately. To achieve exact measurements, line up the flight Plotter with your sectional chart.


This Plotter aviation supports nautical and statute scales, making it suitable for various aviation charts and maps.

Durable Creation

The ASA aircraft Plotter is prepared and designed with high-quality materials to resist the severities of aircraft operation. Its flexible and lifelong features make it a reliable travel companion for several flights.


The airplane plotter has clear, easy-to-read scales and markings, decreasing the possibility of errors during flight planning. A protractor is also used for measuring and sketching angles.

Multipurpose Use

This aviation plotter is your all-in-one assistant for navigation, flight training, and flight planning, whether you're preparing for outdoor routes, calculating headings, or measuring distances.


  • Model: ASA Rotating Aviation Plotter
  • Material: High-quality, durable plastic
  • Scales: Dual-scale (navigational and statute)
  • Protractor: Included for angle measurement
  • Compatibility: Suitable for many sectional charts, VFR navigation charts, and aviation maps