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Trust AeroShell Aircraft Grease 22 Mil-Prf-81322 to ensure the smooth and reliable operation of your aircraft's key components. Applying grease to mechanical components is important for proper lubrication, decreasing friction, smooth operation, and extending the equipment's lifetime. This high-performance lubricant is not just a good grease but also your go-to choice for a wide range of general-purpose aircraft uses. It's a necessary maintenance item that will keep your plane running smoothly.

Improve the Aircraft Performance

The Grease by AeroShell belief in aviation lubricant proficiency. Make AeroShell aviation Grease 22 Mil-Prf-81322g a part of your aviation maintenance routine and see how it improves the performance, lifetime, and efficiency of your aircraft's moving parts. Whether you're a professional pilot or a dedicated aviation devotee, this Aeroshell 22 grease ensures that your aircraft's moving parts function reliably.

Key Features

Multipurpose Use

AeroShell Grease 22 is ideal for a wide range of general aircraft lubricating requirements. This Mil-Prf-81322 grease is suitable for use on wheel bearing, pivots, and sliding surfaces. Because Grand Design Wheel Bearing Grease is a reliable option for life of Aero bearings running smoothly and lifelong performance.

Excellent Capability

Aeroshell Grease 22 is the best equivalent for protecting the performance of your aircraft. This Mil Prf 81322 Aero Shell 22 lubricant is made to survive enormous loads, assuring that your aircraft's moving parts can function under the most thrilling situations.

Extensive Temperature Range

AeroShell Grease 22 Mil G 81322 has outstanding thermal constancy and functions reliably across a wide temperature range, from extreme cold to high heat, offering dependable lubrication all year.

Corrosion Safety

Anti-corrosion chemicals in the Mil-G-81322 grease protect important components, extending their lifetime and shielding against corrosion and oxidation. Because AeroShell Grease 22 contains synthetic hydrocarbon oil, it should not be used in combination with inappropriate seal materials.

Ongoing Performance

AeroShell Mil G 81322 Grease 22 is renowned for its continuing performance, which reduces maintenance and re-greasing intervals and thereby saves you time and effort.


Brand: AeroShell

Product Name: Aeroshell Aircraft Grease 22

Type: General Purpose Aircraft Grease

Size: 14 ounces

Thickener Type: Microgel

NLGI Grade: 2

Certifications: Meets or exceeds industry standards for aviation lubricants.


What is AeroShell grease?

AeroShell manufactured high-quality aviation Greases. These greases are designed to help in tough flying conditions, promising smooth operation and the durability of crucial equipment.