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by Prist®
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Aircraft safety begins with brightness, and PRIST Acrylic and Plastic Aircraft Windshield Cleaner shines in this area. This aviation grade best acrylic window cleaner 13 Oz, is crucial for preserving the gorgeous purity of aircraft windshields, covers, and windows. It guarantees pilots a clear, passable view of the sky ahead.

Safety and clarity

The PRIST Acrylic and Plastic Aircraft Windshield Cleaner is a cleaning product and an initiative for flight safety. Clear windshields are vital for pilots to make intelligent decisions and protect the safety of everyone on board. PRIST's commitment to quality shines through canned window cleaner, which provides pilots with a reliable and effective tool for keeping their views clear and their flights safe.

Experience the clarity, protection, and relax with PRIST products. Add the Acrylic and Plastic F 13 Aircraft Glass Cleaner to your aviation toolbox to ensure that the visibility of your flight is as clear as the skies you fly through.

Key Features

Advanced Formulation

The best plexiglass windshield cleaner from PRIST is explicitly designed for acrylic and plastic surfaces, enabling excellent cleaning without the risk of damage or darkening. It easily removes dirt, stains, germs, and other impurities and repairs the clarity of your windscreen.

UV Safety

Apart from cleaning, this acrylic window cleaner contains UV blockage to protect your aircraft's transparent surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun. It adds durability to your acrylic and plastic modules.

Shine Without Lines

PRIST's Eisen glass cleaner is intended to leave no lines. Best way to clean a plexiglass windshield is to use a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth and an acrylic safe cleaner. Say goodbye to inconvenient bands or deposits that can block your eyesight, especially during essential flight times.

Smooth and Calm

PRIST foaming window cleaner is smooth and calm, so it will not scratch or harm sensitive surfaces during cleaning. This glass jet cleaner is a dedicated cleaning tool designed to keep airplane windows and windshields clean and clear, ensuring ideal visibility for pilots during flight. So, Keep the condition of your airplane window shelf in excellent condition after flight.

Comfort Use

The easy-to-use spray bottle design simplifies the procedure. Just spray and clean your windscreen to bring it back to life. This plastic chrome cleaner will bring back the shine and remove dull or corrosion from plastic chrome pieces.


Brand: PRIST

Type: Acrylic and Plastic Aviation Window Cleaner

Volume: 13 oz (Also Available in various sizes to suit your wants)

Compatibility: Suitable for use on various acrylic and plastic aircraft windshields, covers, and windows.

Packaging: Convenient spray bottle for easy use


How to clean a plexiglass windshield?

Cleaning a plexiglass windshield is simple and essential for keeping visibility in flight. Wipe the windshield in a circular motion with a microfiber cloth and a PRIST best plexiglass cleaner formulated specifically to remove dirt and stains without harming the surface.

How to clean acrylic windows?

Cleaning acrylic windows with the help of PRIST acrylic cleaner. Simply wipe the acrylic surface in a circular motion after applying the solution on the cloth.