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737-800 Flight Simulator Cockpit for Aspiring Pilots

Part: #737-800 Flight Simulator Cockpit for Aspiring Pilots
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Experience the thrill of flying a 737-800 with our realistic flight simulator cockpit. Our simulation cabin provides a realistic and authentic experience with its half cabin design. Get ready for an exhilarating experience that pilots-in-training can rely on to get the most out of their training!


  • JetMax737-SKTQ is a single-seat simulation training device that provides a perfect immersive flight experience.
  • JetMax lets you say goodbye to "desktop flight" and "mouse and keyboard".
  • Based on nearly 20 years of design/production expertise from Canadian company "Flightdeck Solutions", the JetMax has been built into a truly affordable and high-fidelity product line.
  • JetMax-737SKTQ features include:
  • All-aluminum structure design
  • Industrial powder coating, infinitely close to the real surface color
  • 1:1 size simulation design, all devices use USB interface
  • Fully functional MCP and EFIS
  • USB plug and play throttle console composed of metal parts and injection molded parts
  • Includes everything you need for airbrakes/flaps levers/pushback levers/TOGA/AT disconnects/brakes/fuel cutoffs!
  • LCD display includes: PFD/ND/EICAS/MFD
  • Highly realistic CDU, great feel, perfect functionality, and can be used as a trainer console.
  • This price does not include the visual and server price