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by Gill
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The Gill 3 Quart Electrolyte Lead Acid for Aircraft Battery is a new solution designed to ensure the best performance and lifetime of your aircraft batteries. This high-grade battery electrolyte acid is designed to fulfill aviation standards, providing a reliable and efficient power supply for your aircraft's battery.

Where can I buy Battery Acid?

This Battery acid is an essential element in the maintenance of lead-acid batteries. Get high-quality battery acid for sale at National Aviation to keep your batteries in highest form and maximize their performance.

Key Features

High Concentration Electrolyte

The Gill 3 Qts Electrolyte Battery Acid is made with high-purity ingredients to assure stability and performance. This purity is essential for your aircraft battery's performance and durability.

Optimized Acid Composition

The Electrolyte acid for battery configuration is exactly adjusted to match the special requirements of aviation batteries, making the ideal environment for electrochemical processes that power your aircraft's electrical systems.

Pourable Vessel

The container's user-friendly design makes it simple to refill your aircraft batteries. The easy-pour tube reduces leaks and provides proper filling without the use of additional equipment.

Extended Battery Life

Regular maintenance with the Gill 3 Quart Electrolyte Acid extends the life of your aircraft battery, improving its performance and stability over time.

Appropriate Container

This electrolyte acid comes in a 3 qts container, which is ideal for proficient storage and appropriate access. The vessel is built to last and protects the acid electrolyte from impurities.


Volume: 3 Qts

Dimension: 8.0 X 5.0 X 10.0  in

Composition: Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)

Purity: High-purity formula for best performance

Container Material: Durable plastic with an easy-to-pour tube

Compatibility: Suitable for use with several aviation batteries


What is the price of battery acid?

Prices for the Gill 3 Qts vary day by day, but currently it is available at $29.50 from us.

What is Battery Acid?

Battery acid is an acidic liquid electrolyte originating in lead acid batteries. It is also recognized as sulfuric acid. It is important in the electrochemical reactions in the battery, allowing electric current to pass between the positive and negative terminals.

Whenever should I replace the acid from Battery?

Battery acid replacement is obligatory when the original acid in a lead-acid battery reduces or loses its effectiveness. To maintain optimum battery function and long life, use a compatible Gill 3 Electrolyte replacement battery acid.

Where can you buy battery acid?

Mostly people linked with Aviation worried about “where to buy acid for battery” and searching for genuine battery acid always. So, don’t worry about it and let’s buy this battery acid Electrolite from the best Aviation supply store, National Aviation in the USA.

Is battery acid an Acid or Base?

The battery acid is an acidic solution. It is contained in sulfuric acid with a highly caustic element that gives it to the electrolyte for lead acid battery.

What is in a Battery Acid Electrolyte and made of which components?

Sulfuric acid dissolved in water is the most common form of battery acid. The electrolyte for lead acid batteries, which are used in automobiles, is a diluted sulfuric acid solution.

What is an Electrolyte in a battery?

The electrolyte in a battery is a material that allows ions to travel between the electrodes and transmits electric current. The lead acid battery electrolyte is a solution of sulfuric acid in water.

Is Acid an Electrolyte?

Yes, acid can play an electrolyte in some situations, particularly in batteries.

Can you add Electrolyte to a battery?

Yes, electrolyte can be added to some types of batteries like lead-acid batteries. Adding electrolyte should be done with caution, and safety protections.

What kind of acid is battery acid?

Typically, battery acid is sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid is a powerful mineral acid that is widely used in lead-acid batteries.

How much Battery acid is in a battery?

The amount of battery acid in a battery is determined by its capacity size and type.

Is the Gill 3 Quart Electrolyte Acid suitable for all aviation batteries?

This electrolyte acid is proposed for use with a variety of aircraft batteries. However, it is important to check the specifications of your specific battery and discuss it with the battery manufacturer or a licensed aviation technician to assure compatibility.

How often should I refill my aircraft battery with electrolyte acid?

The break between refills is determined by elements such as battery type, usage, and climatic conditions. Follow the regular maintenance schedules and directions provided by your battery manufacturer to determine whether an electrolyte acid refill is required.

Can I store the Gill 3 Quart Electrolyte Acid for an extended period?

Yes, the lifelong plastic container is intended for effective storage. However, it is advised that the electrolyte be stored in a cool, dry place and that the manufacturer's shelf life be followed.

How to determine the Gravity of Battery Acid?

The specific gravity of battery acid is measured by comparing its density with the density of water. A specific gravity dimension between 1.265 and 1.285 is considered normal for a fully charged lead acid battery when tested with a hydrometer.