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The Champion Aerospace 2612 Spark Plug Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant is crucial to your aviation maintenance tools kit. A renowned professional in the aviation sector, Champion Aerospace Inc. is known for its premium spark plugs, and other aircraft parts.

A dedicated lubricant named anti seize grease is used for spark plugs threads. This anti seize spark plug thread lubricant is explicitly formed to preserve spark plug threads, allowing easy installation and removal while avoiding seizure or irritation.

Key Features

Anti-Seize Properties

This anti-seize lubricant keeps spark plug threads from seizing or infuriating even at high temperatures and pressures. Anti seize is a vital lubricant for Spark plugs that helps to prevent seizing.

Higher Safety

Spark plugs anti seize lubricant helps maintain a reliable and safe burst system for your aircraft by keeping spark plug threads in good condition. So, use Champion Aerospace 2612 Anti Seize grease on Spark Plugs to keep them safe from sticking or seizing.

Effortless Installation

The anti-seize spark plugs qualities facilitate and speed up spark plug installation and removal, saving time and effort during maintenance.

High-Temperature Resistance

Anti-seize lubricant, usually referred to as spark plug thread grease, is an essential part of airplane maintenance. This spark plug anti seize lubricant can suffer the high temperatures initiated in airplane engine hollows.


Part Number: Champion Aerospace 2612

Material: Lubricant

Application: Anti Seize Specifically designed for use on spark plug threads

Container Size: 4 Oz Bottle

Keeping your aircraft's burst system in good working order for safe and efficient flights is essential. The Champion Aerospace 2612 Spark Plug Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant is the response to keep your spark plug threads in good condition, allowing for easy installation and removal and avoiding potential thread seizure or annoying concerns.

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