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Part: #108-0004-00
by Firecom
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The Firecom 108-0004-00 Mic Muff with O Ring is the solution you've been looking for successful communication in difficult situations. This item is crucial for professionals who rely on clear communication in high-noise surroundings. Muff Mic is designed to increase audio quality and give additional protection for your microphone.

Improve Communications

You may improve your communication potential through the Firecom 108-0004-00 Mic Muff with O-Ring. This microphone styrofoam cover is meant to ensure your voice is heard, reducing unwanted distractions and interruptions, whether you're working in the passion of emergency response situations, busy industrial environments, or the great outdoors.

Experience the clarity, durability, and reliability that Firecom Mic Cover provides. Add the Firecom 108-0004-00 Mic Muff covering to your communication toolset to stay connected no matter how loud the situation is.

Let’s Order

Get quality Foam for microphones that are used in aviation headsets to reduce wind noise from National Aviation in the USA. These Hearing aid covers are protecting parts that help keep hearing clean and safe.

Key Features

Noise Overthrow

The primary function of the Mic Muff is to remove unwanted background noise and wind screen snooping, confirming that your voice is heard loud and clear. It's important for firefighters, first responders, and industrial workers who work in noisy situations.

Durable Construct

This Mic Muff is ready to last and can handle the severities of harsh industrial environments. Its solid structure assures continuing performance, even in extreme conditions. Aviation experts favor ear muffs with mic windscreen covers for noise reduction and clear communication.

O-Ring Seal

The associated O-Ring with an aviation headset mic muff adds another layer of security to your microphone foam, protecting it from dust, moisture, and wreckage. This feature is handy for individuals who work outside or in harsh weather.

Stress-free fitting

The Mic Wind screens Muff is designed for easy installation so you can immediately benefit from its noise-dominance qualities. Microphone with windscreen covers are essential accessories for aviation headsets because they protect the mic from dampness, wreckage, and damage, resulting in clear and reliable communication during flights.

Universal Compatibility

The Firecom 108-0004-00 Mic Muff is an adaptable accessory that can improve the audio quality of numerous communication devices. A microphone foam cover is a useful part for aviation headsets that is designed to reduce wind noise and increase communication clarity during flight. It is compatible with a wide range of communication equipment.


Model: Firecom 108-0004-00 Mic windscreen Muff with O Ring

Compatibility: Fits most standard microphone sizes

Material: Durable and weather-resistant material

Easy Maintenance: Easily cleaned and maintained for continuing use.