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The Lycoming 75118 Exhaust Flange Gasket is essential for your aircraft's exhaust system. This gasket is precisely manufactured to meet standards. It ensures a secure seal in high-temperature and high-pressure situations. In order to protect connections in different industrial and aviation systems from leaks, corrosion, and damage, flange protection & gaskets are important components. So, with this high-quality gasket, you can keep your aircraft's exhaust system running effectively and safely.

Reliable and Efficient

Different types of flange gasket types are available in the market according to purpose. Mostly materials including rubber, cork, and metal for flange gasket in various industrial and aviation situations. But, the Lycoming 75118 Exhaust Flange Gaskets will keep your aircraft's exhaust system in good working direction. It's a reliable choice for keeping your aircraft's exhaust system safe and efficient.

 Key Features

Exact Fitting

An exhaust flange gasket leak can reduce engine efficiency and raise noise levels. Therefore the Lycoming 75118 gasket flange is planned to suit Lycoming engines perfectly, ensuring a tight and leak free seal.

High-Temperature Resistance

Engine exhaust systems can reach very high temperatures, and this gasket is designed to bear the heat while preserving its integrity even under the most dangerous situations.

Strong Material

This flange gasket is made of high quality material and has a long life and resistance to wear, assuring reliable performance over time. 

Higher Safety

Because a secure exhaust system seal is vital for safety and efficiency, this gasket flange is essential for any aircraft. If you find an exhaust flange gasket leak then it requires  replacement as soon as possible to prevent further damage and maintain the effectiveness of your aircraft's exhaust system.


Part Number: Lycoming 75118

Material: Copper

Compatibility: Designed for Lycoming engines

Applications: Ideal for use in aircraft exhaust systems

Flange Gasket Dimensions: 5.5 x 5.25 x .043 In


What is the difference between flange and gasket?

A flange is a joining element that offers a strong, secure connection, whereas a gasket is a sealing material injected between flanges to stop leaks and form a tight seal. This is the main difference between flange and gasket.