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The CONCORDE RG-25XC Sealed Lead Acid Aircraft Battery provides pilots and aircraft owners superior performance, durability, and peace of mind. This RG 25XC battery constantly meets your power requirements, whether you're flying a small aviation aircraft or a larger business plane.

Reliable and Maintenance-Free

Sealed lead acid (SLA) technology creates the basis for this, as it is well-known for its consistent performance in aircraft.

With this technology's help, your battery is reliable and maintenance-free during its service life. Its amp-hour (Ah) capacity provides a constant and essential power source to start your aircraft's engine and act as a backup generator when required. This durable power supply guarantees a pleasant and secure trip.

Long-Lasting Quality

The Concorde RG 25XC is another long-lasting battery from CONCORDE, known for its high-quality products. This RG 25XC aircraft battery provides consistent power for long periods, reducing the need for replacements and their associated expenses. Various aircraft find it a perfect choice because it fits several aircraft models and uses.

FAA TSO-C173 Approved

This battery can work continuously across a wide range of conditions, from freezing temperatures to hot temperatures. The FAA TSO-C173 approval attests to its adherence to exacting industry standards and its fitness for use in civil aircraft. You can be sure that this battery satisfies the highest standards for performance and safety.

For Numerous Aircraft

It is a flexible option for many different aircraft. The RG-25XC aircraft battery fulfils your needs, whether you fly general aviation aircraft, corporate jets, regional planes, helicopters, agricultural aircraft, or even some military aircraft.

Key Features

  • In generator failure, it provides reliable electrical power for essential uses.
  • We used non-removable vent valves in the construction of low-voltage batteries.
  • This maintenance-free aeroplane battery never needs more electrolytes or water.
  • This RG-25XC battery has been factory-tested to ensure safety and is not spill able at any altitude.
  • Superior starting power.


A variety of aircraft use RG-25XC battery, including but not restricted to:

Aircraft used in general aviation

It offers the dependable power you want for starting and in-flight operation, whether controlling a small single-engine plane.

Corporate jet

High-end reliability is necessary for business aviation. Your corporate jet's systems are powered up and prepared for every mission.

Commuter and regional aircraft

Regional and commuter aircraft depend on solid power to guarantee the safety and comfort of their passengers.


Palouse supplies power to essential components, such as sensors and starters, to ensure safe takeoffs and landings.

Agriculture aircraft

Farmers used RG25XC battery to perform precise crop dusting and other agricultural tasks.

Military planes

It has earned a place in a few models of military aircraft thanks to its consistency in supplying power under challenging circumstances.