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Lighting the Skies: Whelen’s Prometheus and Orion Series

Lighting the Skies: Whelen’s Prometheus and Orion Series

When it comes to aviation lights, Whelen’s Prometheus and Orion series stand out as the beacon of innovation and reliability. These lights are not just about illuminating your aircraft; they are about enhancing safety, visibility, and the overall flying experience.

 A Detailed Look at Whelen’s Prometheus and Orion

The Orion 650 series is equipped with Forward Position Lights available in Red or Green, complemented by a White flashing Anti-Collision Light function. These products boast state-of-the-art LED circuitry, eliminating the need for separate flasher boxes. They have secured full FAA/TSO & STC approval, ensuring they meet aviation standards.

The Prometheus series, also known as Parmetheus Pro, is a cutting-edge LED landing light. It’s engineered with advanced optic technology that outperforms all other LED offerings on the market. The Parmetheus Pro is compatible with external flashers, lightweight, low current, moisture resistant, and operates at 14V-28V. It delivers a consistent light output for thousands of operating hours. These LED lights are 40% brighter than the original Parmetheus Series assemblies, making them a top choice for pilots and aircraft owners. The Parmetheus Pro serves as a drop-in replacement for outdated Halogen lamps, offering a practical and efficient upgrade. It’s fully approved by the FAA/TSO & STC, ensuring compliance with aviation standards. With its exceptional brightness and reliable performance, the Prometheus series is indeed a wise investment for anyone in the aviation industry.

Why Opt for Whelen Lights?

Whelen lights, especially the Prometheus and Orion series, come with numerous features that make them an ideal choice for aircraft owners, maintenance technicians, pilots, and aviation enthusiasts. They are designed for easy installation and retrofitting, making them a convenient choice for various aircraft models.

How Can National Aviation Serve You?

At National Aviation, we recognize the significance of dependable aviation parts and supplies. We provide online ordering and quick shipping for a hassle-free shopping experience. Our experts are always on standby to assist you in finding the right products at the best prices.

In conclusion, investing in high-quality aviation lights like Whelen’s Prometheus and Orion series is a strategic move for anyone in the aviation industry. They not only enhance safety and visibility but also add value to your aircraft. So, why delay? Light up your sky with Whelen lights today!


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