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Equip Your Aircraft: National Aviation & Philips 66 Make Every Flight Epic

National Aviation's customer service is smoother than a cloudless sky, with expert advice and friendly faces to help you navigate any flight plan. We're your one-stop shop for all things aircraft.

As an aviation pilot supply store and parts distributor, we understand the significance of quality of service and product support. Every component in an aircraft plays a crucial role in ensuring safety and smooth operation, and that's especially true for the lifeblood of the engine: aircraft oil.

We proudly recommend Philips 66 aviation oil to our customers; this exceptional brand a trusted name in the industry for decades offers a range of high-performance oils. These are specifically formulated to meet the demanding needs of aircraft engines.

What makes Philips 66 aircraft oil stand out?

Formulated with advanced additives, Philips 66 oil delivers unmatched performance by offering superior wear protection, reducing friction and minimizing engine component wear. This results in smoother operation, prolongs the life of the engine ultimately decreasing maintenance costs for aircraft owners and operators.

Philips 66 oil, with its exceptional lubrication maintaining viscosity across a broad temperature range, guarantees optimal engine performance and consistent lubrication under all conditions.

Enhanced engine cleanliness: Philips 66 oil's advanced detergent and dispersant additives prevent the buildup of sludge and varnish, keeping your engine cleaner and running more efficiently. This leads to improved fuel economy and a healthier engine overall.

Diverse range: Philips 66 offers a variety of aircraft oil options to suit different engine types and operating environments. 

Choosing the right oil stands as a critical decision for pilots and aircraft owners. The engine requires a product with trustworthiness: one that will ensure consistent, reliable operation - even among the most demanding conditions. Philips 66 aircraft oil excels in meeting these criteria; it delivers exceptional performance, provides outstanding protection – all under an unwavering commitment to quality.

Wheels down and ready for your next adventure? We're National Aviation Store, your pit crew for smooth takeoffs and happy landings! We stock everything from pilot gear to the sky's best oil - Philips 66! Stop by, say hi, and fuel your flying dreams! 

Discover National Aviation your one-stop for aircraft supplies and accessories.


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