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Aviation Table Clock

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This Flight Control Panel Table Clock captures the unique adventure of aviation with its modern design. 


  • Shape: Square
  • Length: 225mm
  • Motivity Type: Quartz
  • Width: 22.5cm
  • Type: Wall Clocks
  • Body Material: Plastic
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Form: Single Face
  • Combination: Separates


This clock is truly unique, blending art and practicality. Fascinating to watch the three discs rotate to tell the time - worth learning for the sheer joy of it! Absolutely perfect for art lovers - a must-have item.


Length x Width x Height:22.5cm x 22.5cm x 4.5cm

Silent Movement Clock Mechanism

The high-quality quartz movement mechanism guarantees precise time, quiet sweep second hand provide a good sleep and work environment.

Product Display

Encased in black wooden frame and the rotating elements are made of plastic.On the inside the sides are reflective which gives a nice effect. Handmade and run on sweep motors that eliminate both the jerky motion and the montonous noise of ticking. Can be put on the table / desk or hung on the wall.