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LPS 1 Premium Greaseless Lubricant offers outstanding lubrication without any problem. This original mixture is intended to provide superior lubrication and protection while not leaving sticky deposits or collecting dust and wreckage. This LPS-1 spray lubricant is the best solution for smooth and efficient performance across various uses, whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY devotee.

Reliable and Mess-Free Lubrication

LPS1 Premium Greaseless Lubricant is your reliable partner to ensure smooth and efficient operation in various sets. This LPS #1 refined solution provides dependable and mess-free lubrication, whether you're maintaining industrial gear, greasing automotive parts, or preserving the performance of household products. LPS 1 Lube is an adaptable and trustworthy lubricant that defends against friction and corrosion.

Advanced LPS 1 lubrication

Upgrade your lubrication practice with LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant SDS and advantage from lengthier equipment lifetime and less maintenance. Say goodbye to grease collection and welcome to clean, efficient 001 LPS lubrication across the board. LPS 1 lubricant spray provides quick and efficient solutions for lubrication, protection, and maintenance in a variety of applications ranging from automotive to industrial.

Best Lubrication Result

LPS greaseless lube spray is the number one lubricant for a useful and reliable solution for reducing friction, avoiding rust, and assuring the smooth operation of gear and equipment in industrial, automotive, and domestic requests. LPS 00116 is a great aerosol corrosion inhibitor designed to protect metal surfaces against rust and corrosion.

Key Features

Greaseless Lubrication

Unlike ordinary greases, LPS for 1 is a greaseless solution that keeps surfaces clean and free of sticky deposits.

Long-term Performance

This premium LPS grease - less lubricant produces a protective fence that helps prevent attire, weathering, and friction, thus increasing your equipment and machinery's life.

Multipurpose Application

LPS number 1 is suitable for automotive, industrial, and domestic uses because it can be used on surfaces such as metal, plastic, rubber, etc.

Without Drip or Sling

The non-drip number 1 LPS Greaseless formula saves waste and mess, providing exact lubrication. LPS Lubricant 1 is a trustworthy and high-quality lubricant designed to deliver a great performance and safety in a variety of industrial and mechanical uses.

Temperature Resistance

LPS 1 spray lubricant remains effective across an extensive temperature range, from extremely cold to hot. This dielectric oil for electric motors is ensuring the motor's electrical gears operate efficiently and safely.


This electronic lubricant is safe for electrical components and will not interfere with performance. Electrical lubricant spray is a specified solution established to give long lasting protection and reduce friction on electrical components, ensuring smooth and efficient operation while maintaining safety.


Product Type: Dielectric Spray Lubricant

Container Size: Available in LPS lubricant 1 2 3 to suit your needs.

Temperature Range: -50°F to 300°F (-45°C to 149°C)

Dielectric Strength: 40,000 volts

Color: Clear

Odor: Mild, pleasant

Shelf Life: 3 years

Application Method: LPS spray lubricant for easy and precise application


What are the primary applications and benefits of LPS 25 & LPS 116?

LPS 25 is a useful and reliable anti-corrosion spray that protects metal surfaces from rust and weather, assuring their durability in harsh situations.

LPS 116 is a high-performance aerosol corrosion blockage that is specifically designed to protect metal surfaces against rust and corrosion in tough industrial situations.

LPS lubricant where to Buy?

If you need lubricant nearby, visit National Aviation, which will have a large collection of lubricants to meet your exclusive requirements.