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Part: #UREM40E
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When we talk about aviation, reliability is everything. The TEMPEST UREM40E Aviation Spark Plug is not only a spark plug but also a partner to ensure your aircraft's engine starts every time. With a dedication to quality and safety, TEMPEST offers UREM40E aviation spark plugs that meet the demanding requirements of the aviation industry.

Reliable Engine Twitch

The TEMPEST UREM40E Aviation Spark Plug ensures a reliable start for your aircraft's engine. Whether a professional pilot or a learner, this spark plug allows your engine to start smoothly.

Tempest's proficiency and commitment to aircraft safety and reliability can be relied on. Make the UREM40E Aviation Spark Plug a regular part of your aircraft maintenance routine and see the difference in burst reliability and peace of mind from knowing your engine will always start reliably.

Let’s Order

We at National Aviation are delivering top quality sparks plugs, lubricants, batteries, auto parts and much more in Chicago Il, and the whole USA.

Key Features

Performance According to Aviation-Grade

The UREM40E spark plug is designed for aviation engines and meets industry standards for performance, reliability, and safety. Follow the Tempest spark plug application guide for aircraft upkeep.

Precise Sparking

The exact electrode design of the REM40E spark plug enables constant and timely firing, enabling optimal combustion and engine performance. Tempest aircraft spark plugs fulfill the requirements of aviation engines for consistent burst and combustion.

Long Lifetime

This TEMPEST spark plug has an extended service thanks to high-quality materials and production standards, lowering maintenance costs and interruption. Select the exact aviation spark plugs for different aircraft engines from our Tempest spark plug application chart.

Anti-Fouling Properties

The sparks plugs of the tempest are designed to fight fouling and deposit building, allowing for reliable spark and burst even in difficult working situations.

Sealed Cover

The sealed covering design of the Teampus spark plug protects the essential internal components from moisture and impurities, enabling a dependable start in various environmental situations.



Dimension: 5.0 X 6.0 X 4.0  in

Model: UREM40E Aviation Spark Plug

Compatibility: Suitable for use in a wide range of aviation piston engines.

Certifications: Complies with industry standards and is trusted by aviation professionals worldwide.